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How to Stop Living With Dizziness

Written By Russo Chiropractic on July 1, 2021

Dizziness TreatmentMore and more research on disabling dizziness conditions has brought to light root causes and made it clearer how to better help the body heal. Some of the latest research has focused on the parietal lobe of the brain and what’s called the vestibular system--the parts of your body that give you a sense of balance, or lack thereof.

If you’re struggling with dizziness Russo Chiropractic in Tallahassee wants to help. We have years of experience with getting to the root of patients’ dizziness, rehabilitating your vestibular system, and helping you achieve balance.

The Parietal Lobe and Your Vestibular System

Since much of your sense of balance comes from your inner ear, this is often the first place doctors look for clues. However, many dizziness cases stem from a disruption in input between the brain and inner ear.

Another root cause lies in the parietal lobe, a part of your brain that impacts vestibular input and output. If this part of your brain gets damaged via concussion or other brain injury, one symptom is dizziness. 

One study performed by Johns Hopkins researchers pinpointed a part of the parietal lobe directly responsible for helping identify which way is up and establishing a sense of balance. They applied a safe and painless electrical current to healthy participants. The current disrupted their orientation for the duration of the application, feeling reoriented shortly after.

What this means for both you and doctors is that we’re learning how to better treat dizziness. While your inner ear will always be important to evaluate, we now understand that we need to take a look at your brain, too. Once we identify where signaling between your brain and inner ear is getting disrupted, we can build an action plan to help your body heal itself and retrain your brain back to proper balance.

Get to the Root Cause of Your Dizziness in Tallahassee

Dr. Fred Russo, CCSP, has practiced chiropractic care for over 26 years and also holds a degree in functional neurology. He’s been an athlete--both competitive and recreational--for decades. He understands both the physical and emotional strain of injuries firsthand, and wants to get you back on your feet as soon as safely possible. The best way is to tap into the body’s natural and incredible ability to heal itself.

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