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Good Ergonomics and Chiropractic Neck Pain Treatment - A Winning Combo

Written By Russo Chiropractic on February 15, 2021

Workplace ErgonomicsYou’ve just finished a long day at work. You feel the tension and stiffness in your neck. And then, the headache starts. 

Pain related to working at a computer desk all day is common, more so now than ever since so many people are working from home due to the pandemic. 

If you’re suffering from neck pain and headaches, Dr. Fred Russo a Tallahassee chiropractor can create a custom neck pain treatment plan that will give you help on your road to recovery!

What Role Does Ergonomics Play in Neck Pain? 

One of the first things your chiropractor Dr. Russo will discuss with you is what's contributing to your pain. The best way to get results is to treat the root cause. In many cases, the cause is poor workplace ergonomics. 

Poor posture and ergonomics, as well as repetitive motions, can strain the muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves, and joints. You can experience pain throughout your body, including your: 

  • Neck
  • Hands/wrists
  • Elbows
  • Shoulders
  • Lower back
  • Legs

Pain can be caused by muscle tension, strain from repetitive action, and pinched nerves. 

Dr. Fred Russo can provide lifestyle and ergonomic recommendations as well as home exercises to help ease pain and be more productive during your workday. 

How Chiropractic Neck Pain Treatment in Tallahassee Can Ease Your Pain

When your spine is out of alignment, it puts even more pressure on the joints and soft tissues. 

Chiropractic neck pain treatment includes spinal adjustments to realign the cervical (neck) spine. Restoring proper alignment can help: 

  • Ease muscle tension and reduce muscle spasms
  • Take pressure off the nerves
  • Improve the flow of blood and cerebrospinal fluid, both of which nourish the body and provide energy and vitality

Take Action to Reduce Pain and Increase Energy and Productivity

Investing in chiropractic neck pain treatment will reduce your pain now and prevent long-term pain and damage. When you have less pain, you perform better and have more energy to cross everything off your To-Do List.  

Don’t wait. Talk to Dr. Fred Russo about your pain and concerns about treatment. He understands pain and recovery (from 40 years of weightlifting and multiple auto injuries and sports injuries) and has the knowledge and experience to answer your questions and provide you with neck pain treatment that really works. 

Are you still dealing with pain after making ergonomic adjustments at work? We can help! Contact us today at 850-422-2225 to schedule an appointment.

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